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Weddings and Baptims

ekdilwseis2Are you dreaming of a winter wedding in the cosmopolitan Arachova or in the chapel of “Profitis Ilias”,
located on the Parnassus Mountain at an altitude of 2000m?ekdilwseis4
'After a hectic summer, would relaxation in a winter resort, where you can relish your honey moon at the same time, sounds ideal?
Whichever your preference is, we are here to fulfill every desire of yours in order for the best moments of your life to be original and unique!!!The religious mysteries can be held either in the small church located in our premises and built in honor of Saint Mary the “Paramythia”, or you could choose among one of the nearby churches such as the church of Saint George (patron saint of Arachova), the church “Eisodia tis Theotokou” (Presentation of Saint Mary), in the centre of the village, and all of the chapels in the area.

 Various Events

ekdilwseis5ekdilwseis3Have a carefree escape from your daily routine by inviting your friends to a rejuvenating trip.
Get out of the norm by organizing your name day celebration, your birthday or even your bachelor party in
our hotel. We are at your disposal to make all of your wishes come true, making sure that your event will be a memorable one to all of your friends forever!!!